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The Reality of Nursing Home Abuse

The elderly members of families in developed countries are often left in the care of nursing homes, since more of them are professionals and they are too busy with their work and businesses. Because of this reality, the number of nursing homes being put up in urban areas is increasing and this also gave rise to the employment opportunities for caregivers.

However, not everything is well in a nursing home. The elderly are experiencing abuse and this can go undetected and unreported. In recent years, abuse has continuously been reported inside these institutions that were supposedly put up to provide care to our elderly loved ones. This is a safe fact, that the supposed caregivers are subjecting the elderly residents to abuse. This is the reason why families have grown fearful to put their trust in these nursing homes to take care of their elderly.

There had been thousands of complaints being received by inspectors and a fifth of these involved abuse and neglect of patients. And state inspection records show that thousands of nursing homes were cited for abuse violations. This abuse takes the form of causing physical harm, verbal and sexual abuse, or even death to old residents from punching, kicking, and choking them. This abuse happens when assistances grow impatient and angry by the slow movements, awkwardness, and clumsiness of their patients. Abuse can also be inflicted by a fellow resident who may have had a history of violent behavior or a criminal record in the past.

There were nursing homes shut down because of cases of physical and sexual abuse. Now, government has ordered a more rigid background check on nursing home residents with previous criminal history.

The help of Lakeland nursing home neglect lawyers can be sought by people facing abuse problems that involve their loved ones in nursing homes. These lawyers are knowledgeable about the signs of abuse among the elderly people and the steps to take to get just compensation for the suffering caused by nursing home staff or fellow residents. These Brandon nursing home neglect lawyers can also give you valuable tips on how to prevent future abuses.

If the abuse results in physical injury and emotional problems, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against a caregiver, nursing home, or fellow resident. To claim compensation for the injured person, a legal action is the right thing to do to be able to help reform the conduct of the people and institution involved that caused the injury. Abuse inflicted on an elderly can only happen because of negligence on the part of the caregiver or the nursing home itself.

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