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Protecting Your Loved Ones from Nursing Home Abuse

The elderly who live in nursing homes are daily faced with nursing home abuse. Families then need to find a lawyer who is willing to intervene and put a stop to the abuse. Negligence is the common abuse that the elderly in a nursing home suffer. There is an observed steady increase of patients being neglected in a nursing home. there are attorneys who are fighting to get nursing home reform bills passed and until they do that family should be vigilant in watching out their loved ones are treated.

The elderly are not able to defend themselves and some cannot even tell their families that they are being abused or neglected. There are attorneys familiar with these cases and they will help you to recognize the signs that your loved one is being abused or neglected. You can tell by the warning signs that your loved ones are being abused or neglected. Below are some of the symptoms of neglect.

One of the signs of neglect is when your loved one has constant bedsores. What this is means is there is no proper care given to the patient. They are probably neglected while they are in bed. There are older people who are not able to turn themselves in bed. This is the duty of a nurse or an aid to help protect the elder person from bedsores.

Another sign of neglect is if you notice cuts or bruises on your loved one frequently. You should immediately suspect abuse.

Check the things of your loved one. If there are things broken and torn then someone is abusing their belongings. It could be another patient who does not know any better but, it is the responsibility of the nursing home to protect the elderly and their personal belongings.

If your loved one is beginning to lose weight without any formative reasons and it looks like they are not putting any weight back on, then this is a sign of negligence. Perhaps they are not feeding them properly. This is a form of abuse.

There are many other signs that your loved one is being abused or neglected while staying in a nursing home. This means that you need to contact a nursing home abuse attorney. These nursing home abuse attorneys should be contacted immediately, giving them all the details of what you have observed in your loved one and in the nursing home itself. A few bruises cannot be accepted as abuse, so it is best to get the attorneys advice on how to track abuse. Nursing home abuse attorneys, just like Clearwater workers compensation attorney, will also help you know what to do in order to remove your elderly loved one from any type of abusive situation.  Lakeland nursing home neglect lawyers are more than willing to visit your elderly loved one and see for themselves what the situation is.

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